This photo was taken at the 90th birthday celebration for Kitty Wells, held at the E.T. Jamboree.

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Well, yes, I waited almost another year before writing another letter... I am guilty, but what can I say!!!

This has been a busy year, but a great one. I started off the year working the Virginia Dreams Theater in Harrisonburg, Va. The folks are all wonderful and we had such a great time together. I got to see my friend, Larry Finks, and he took me to a flea market. The weather was great, and the airport was not closed due to snow storms!!! I was so thankful!! I flew in and out of Charlottesville, Va., and that airport closes a lot with snow!!!

In February, I got to do the Florida State Fair again with Leroy Van Dyke and the Auctioneers... It is always great working with Leroy, the great band, and of course, all of the other acts on the show... We all love each other. Gladys Van Dyke books the shows, and she is loved by everyone!!!

March took me to South Carolina and, again, I got to visit with wonderful friends and make a lot of new ones. Kaye Rackley was responsible for getting me booked, and she and at least 4 other friends are going on the Opry cruise in January/February.

Speaking of the cruise, please join us... I have many friends going, and my daughter, Christy is going with me. Jim Ed Brown, Jeannie Seely, Chris Young, and Charlie Pride are on the cruise performing. I love all of them, and I cannot wait. Check out for the details.

Jim Ed and I worked Terrible's Casino in Iowa for two days and saw some of the same wonderful people again... We were with Leroy and The Auctioneers... How can you beat that!!!

I did vow to myself that I would record a new CD this year. I am working on that project now, and I hope to have it ready by October at least... I have had my son, Denny, and his just turned 6 year old Ross, and just turned 4 year old Morgan with me quite a bit this summer. They are so precious, kind and what a blessing. However, I do feel like I have been run over by a Mack truck when they leave.... Isn't that the way it is with little grandchildren?

I visited my family in Hannibal, MO, the last of April and was there when the huge flood hit Nashville. I could not get home for several days. It was horrible all through Kentucky and Tennessee. I stayed with my sister-in-law, Pat Cornelius, and all I could do was stay glued to the National Weather Channel to see what was happening at home. I was so frightened for my children and friends in Nashville. My children were okay, but several friends lost most of their possessions and are in the process of rebuilding the insides right now. It is both depressing and heartwarming as I drive down some of the streets that were flooded. Vehicles are everywhere with electricians, plumbers, construction workers, etc., but seeing the need and also the homes that cannot be repaired is also a contradiction of feelings. Nashville is Nashville, and everyone pulls together, but folks are still suffering from this horrible disaster and it will be quite awhile before they can get settled in again.

Nashville had 15 inches of rain in 24 hours, and since then, almost nothing. We have been in the extreme heat wave that so much of the country has been in. I am ready for a sweatshirt and warmups that I love in the fall and winter. I will probably regret saying that, but not right now!!

My sister, Alice, in Hannibal has been in and out of the hospital a lot this year, with many medical issues... She is such a trouper... always smiling and praising the Lord for everything... She is a wonderful sister and human being. I love getting to see her and listen to her memories... She has a lot of them!!

I have not been riding my bike this summer, as it has been too hot... I am anxious to take it to the bike shop, get a tune up, and hit the trail. I love the outdoors and just looking at nature when I ride. I keep my bird feeders full of sunflower hearts. The squirrels continue to defeat me and get into my feeders. I have finally just given in and accepted the fact that they need to eat as well!!! I also find joy in watching the hummingbirds at their feeders and enjoying the sweet nectar from the petunia blooms. They are so tiny, and so amazing.

We have had several Country Family Reunion shows, and several coming up. It is always a pleasure to sing the duets with Jim Ed Brown, and then have the gracious hosting of Bill Anderson and listen to my friend, Jeannie Seely sing with her soul filled voice... They are great friends, and it is such a blessing to work with them. Other acts are on the shows as well, but they do vary. Gene Watson was with us recently, and what a voice!!!

I have worked with so many of my wonderful friends this year, and many more yet to come. I love what I am doing, and after being in this business touring since late 1976, I get to see people who have supported me and become like family to me. We have lost many devoted members in my fan club, and that is so sad.

Susan is happy as can be in New York City and I told her that I think she is liking that NY, NY address a little too much. I am so happy for her... She loves being in the thick of the Big Apple and continually sees theater plays, etc. I think her dogs and cat are even liking it!

I did lose my beloved Maltese, Livvie, in early March. I had given insulin shots twice a day for nearly two years... The diabetes could never be brought under control and her little body just gave out... I miss her so much and cried for nearly two months. She was so full of love and companionship... I am not ready for another pet now, but perhaps sometime I will. I just need a break now. I keep my daughter's Shih Tzu, Prissy,quite a bit. Christy just became banquets manager at one of the Embassy Suite Hotels in Nashville. She is putting in a lot of hours, and Prissy loves for me to come and get her and bring her home with me. I love it, too!! I also keep Jeannie Seely's Shih Tzu, Cheyenne, and she loves coming here. She and Livvie loved each other and were true "doggie" pals. They ignored us when they were together. She still goes through my house looking for Livvie. We both miss her...

Also, friends still ask about my niece, Kathy, in Hannibal, MO, who also had breast cancer 4 yrs. ago. She is doing great, and we both look forward to a long and happy existence without that intruder in our lives.

Well, I have rambled on for quite awhile... That just proves that I still can muster up a letter when I take the time to do so. I faithfully promise to keep up in the future... Send me messages on the website and remind me. I do answer the messages... I look forward to hearing from you.

Do take care, and know that I look forward to seeing you at one of the concerts. If not, then just let me hear from you and know that you are fine, and happy!!
God bless you all,